Maternity Photographer in Fourways, Johannesburg

Maternity Photographer in Fourways, Johannesburg

Pregnancy, one of the biggest blessings for a woman. Capture this beautiful transition with a maternity shoot, with our maternity photography services in Fourways, Johannesburg. 

Making sure you feel comfortable as well as beautiful during your session is a priority.

I will guide and help you pose in a way to elegantly capture your gorgeous belly.

All my props, clothing and accessories are available for your session in-studio. If I am travelling I will bring the items with me. You are welcome to change clothes and backgrounds

Professional Make-Up is available

Partners and Children are more than welcome to join the session.

7-8 months of pregnancy is the recommended time for your photo shoot. Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before.

Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.

At no time are raw images included in any package. All images are in high resolution. If you require any large wall prints I am happy to resize them for you to insure quality.

I can review all images with you and show you some editing options as well as discuss any retouching.

Refreshments are provided for in-Studio sessions.

Maternity Photography Studio is in Fourways, JHB or on location, Johannesburg.

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